No. The AAPLE Academy does not cost money to participate. The AAPLE Foundation is in place to ensure Academy students can participate regardless of socioeconomic position.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to participate in the AAPLE Academy and another academy at the same time.
A founding element of the Academy is Academic Leadership. Most all AAPLE students take the most rigorous courses offered at SMHS. However, the only courses AAPLE students are required to take are AAPLE cohort classes. Student are encouraged to take the most rigorous classes students can handle, while maintaining a healthy life balance, and getting A’s and B’s.
Yes. Nine AAPLE Academy cohort classes integrate the Academies leadership curriculum, projects, enrichment, and portfolio project content. The Academy is designed to teach leadership through theory, experience, and practice. Adopted leadership competencies and objectives guide all class and programmatic projects and activities.
The AAPLE Application is released on this website, in December, prior to the holiday break. Applications are due in January. The specific date will be released annually in November.
Many of the commonly ask questions can be found by thoroughly reading your website. In addition to this site, AAPLE offers a number of information nights in December and January. Nights include the SBUSD Programs Showcase, SMHS 8th Grade Open House, and AAPLE Academy Information Night. Dates and times will be posted annually in September on the “Important Dates and Information” page of our website.
Yes.  However, intradistrict and interdistrict transfer processes are time sensitive and must be completed by strictly following SBUSD guidelines and deadlines.  Applicants who do not meet intradistrict and interdistrict transfer process guidelines will not be considered for admission.  Please visit the SBUSD website for more information.
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