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Moving the collective energy of motivated and driven scholars to create a culture that celebrates academic excellence, leadership, and civic responsibility.


AAPLE Vision & Mission

Our mission is to offer a highly rigorous four-year academic pathway in a way that prepares students for top-tier college entrance while simultaneously providing sustained involvement in leadership and service based opportunities that mutually benefit students and the community.


The AAPLE Academy develops and reinforces students leadership competencies and abilities through service, integrating leadership in curriculum, academy programing, enrichment, and teambuilding opportunities.

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One of the central goals of AAPLE is to enrich the lives of students and in turn have our students enrich the lives of the community.

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Academic leadership is primary to the mission of the Academy as academic leaders create a school culture that celebrates academic excellence.

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If academics, leadership development, and civic involvement are the pillars, relationships are the platform for which the AAPLE Academy rests.

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Percent Admission Rate into 4 year colleges

Million in Scholarships Awarded

Hours of Community Service

Over One Hundred Community Organizations Served

Hear the Voices of AAPLE Academy Participants.

I've been truly fortunate to have worked with the AAPLE seniors in AP US Government and Politics. The atmosphere is one that uniquely promotes students to develop into the leaders of the future. The cohort is similar to a close sports team in how connected they become to their peers and support each other both personally and academically. The leadership excursions provide extraordinary opportunities for learning that are sure to influence the students (and sometimes myself!) for years to come.

AAPLE AP US Government and Politics

I think what's so amazing about AAPLE even after the rigorous academics, community service, and unique leadership opportunities is the tremendous sense of family. I wouldn't have been able to accomplish what I have academically and athletically without the support of my AAPLE class.

Isabel Bassi,
AAPLE Student

The AAPLE Academy provides students who revere community service and academic excellence a "campus home" to excel. The AAPLE counselors’ thoughtfully guide their students to maximize their scholastic aptitude while offering leadership events and community service activities. As parents, we believe this holistic approach for the high achiever is unmatched in our community and feel blessed to be part of the AAPLE ROYAL family!

Robin & Bob Fell,
AAPLE Parents

The AAPLE Academy has provided amazing opportunities that I would not have had otherwise. From attending two leadership conferences to the opportunity to see different colleges in California and on the East Coast, I have been offered incredible experiences that prepare me for college. I really appreciate my personal relationship with my counselors who have taken the time to connect with me and understand my academic and personal goals and needs. My cohort class has become close with each other and I look forward to the time I spend with my motivated and intelligent peers. Every day I am thankful to be a student in the AAPLE Academy.

Layla Landeros,
AAPLE Student

The academy provides a unique experience where students not only engage intensely with history, but also reflect on how to learn from the lessons of the past and imagine the possibilities of the future. The integration of leadership allows the students to connect at a deeper level with their learning and apply it practically to finding avenues to improve their community.

Trevor Oftedal,
AAPLE AP World History

As the parents of a freshman in the AAPLE Academy, we can say that the friendships, academic challenge, leadership and expertise of the academy has given our son an amazing transition into high school and he immediately realized that he was a part of something extraordinary.

Lori Heinz,
AAPLE Parent

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