"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." -Mahatma Gandhi

Serving Others

One of the central goals of AAPLE is to enrich the lives of students and in turn have our students enrich the lives of the community.  In-depth student involvement in nonprofit work that provides a specific benefit to the local community, is at the forefront of the AAPLE mission.  Students gain an unforgettable personal fulfillment through giving back.  These experiences and value structures will be carried with them throughout their lives.

AAPLE Students must complete a minimum of 200 hours of community service over four years.  In addition, AAPLE students must participate in AAPLE service committees and all students must participate in one sustained service activity, preferably unique, where the student ultimately takes a leadership role.  Students are asked to carve out an area of service leadership that is driven by their passions.  We are proud to report that AAPLE graduates have completed more than 39,000 hours of community service to date.

AAPLE Service Committees

AAPLE students participate in a student-run service or leadership committee each year.  Each committee is overseen by the Student Leadership Council, which is made up of elected cohort class representatives.  Each committee has a student chair that facilitates the objects of the committee.  Examples of these committees include the CyberTutorial committee, Senior Living Tech Coaches, and AAPLE Kids Caring Day. There are currently 13 student-run leadership and service committees.  

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Solutions for Community Challenges

While the AAPLE programing provides opportunities for students to participate in service committees, an incredible outcome of AAPLE leadership education and service programs is the student’s individual drive to participate in the community beyond AAPLE. AAPLE student have started independent 501 c 3 organizations, organized drives, developed service websites for local school and the the school district, organized women’s rights campaigns, TED Talks and many more amazing service endeavors.

AAPLE in the Community

Aqua Camp
Art From Scrap
Casa Esperanza
Homeless Shelter
Catalyst for Cats
Challenger’s Baseball
Cleveland Elementary School Tutorial
Cyber Tutorial Program
Destined For Grace
Dog Adoption and Welfare Group
Dream Foundation
EAA Airshow
Elings Park
Food Bank of Santa Barbara County
Youth Making Change
Girl Scouts of America
Girl’s Inc.
Goleta Valley Beautiful
Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital
H40 Hope for Water
Habitat for Humanity
Hearts Adaptive Therapeutic Equestrian Center
Hendry’s Beach Junior Lifeguards
Imagine Project

Jon Lee’s Beach Volleyball Camp
Just Communities
Kids Helping Kids
Kumon Math and Reading Center
La Cumbre Junior High School Tutorial
Lincoln Elementary School Tutorial
Link Crew Boomeranged Project
Madonnari Street
Painting Festival
Mock Trial Tournaments
National Charity League
Ocean Hills Beach Camp
PATH SB, Ridley Tree
Royal Family Kids Camp
Rustic Pathways
Safety Town
San Marcos High School Tutorial
Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens
Santa Barbara Channel Keepers
Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital
Santa Barbara Housing Authority
Santa Barbara Junior Lifeguard
Santa Barbara Marathon
Santa Barbara Mission
Santa Barbara Museum of Art
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
Santa Barbara Orchestra
Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation

Santa Barbara Public Library
Santa Barbara Rotary
Santa Barbara School of Squash
Santa Barbara Summer Stock
Santa Barbara Symphony
Santa Barbara Trail and Park Maintenance
Santa Barbara Triathlon
Santa Barbara Unified School District
Santa Barbara Youth Council
Santa Barbara Zoo
Show Stoppers Musical Camp, Sparkle
Special Olympics
Surf and Turf Camp
Teen Court
Transition House
Trinity Gardens
Ty Warner Sea Center
UCSB Family Vacation Center
UCSB Koegel Autism Center
UCSB Science Camps
UCSB Volleyball Program
UCSB Writer’s Workshop
United Way
Vieja Valley Elementary School Math Super Bow
Vieja Valley Elementary School Tutorial
Youth Interactive

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