Leadership Curriculum

Enriching traditional Honors or Advanced Placement curriculum by pushing the boundaries of the relationship between traditional course content and leadership and service integration is the goal of the AAPLE course curriculum integration.  AAPLE students take one AAPLE cohort class each semester throughout their 4 years in the AAPLE Academy. Each cohort class integrates leadership curriculum into traditional core courses.

Each summer cohort staff participate in inservicing to collaborate and develop powerful leadership curriculum that they integrate into their traditional class curriculum. Great emphasis is placed on the study of leadership through historical figures, literary characters, current public figures, and content that lends itself to the study of leadership and community involvement.

The AAPLE Academy has identified traits, objectives, and competencies of leadership that are incorporated into each AAPLE cohort class. Each cohort class integrates a minimum of five leadership and/or service based assignments that incorporate the Academies core competencies.

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Students are required to participate in two leadership based enrichment excursions that reinforce the study of both leadership and the traditional curriculum. In addition, AAPLE teachers ask students to make public presentations in each cohort class, debate issues, and develop projects that emphasize leadership and enhance a student’s understanding of the practice of leadership.

Each cohort class assignment and enrichment reflection are included in the student’s cumulative AAPLE leadership portfolio at the end of each semester. In the student’s senior year, APPLE student’s combine their academic and programmatic projects and experiences to create their senior leadership project in AAPLE’s Capstone Leadership Seminar course.

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